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Messianic Jewish Conversion

The conversion of a person to become a Jew is a serious and humbling experience.  No one should enter into this conversion lightly, or for selfish gain. 

The Union of Conservative Messianic Jewish Synagogues does not agree with the popularly held view that conversion is prohibited in the B'rit Chadasha (Renewed Covenant).  Conversion is not a criteria for G-D's acceptance.  It is a valid way to express a desire to join with the people of Israel.  A convert becomes B'nai Israel, a child of Israel, with all the benefits, but also the incumbent responsibilities.  The one converting is in a very real way changing their, and their offspring's life, forever.  B'nai Israel will will hated by many for no reason.  A convert is exposing themselves, and their offspring, to persecution and even death by choosing the join with our People.

    Criteria for Conversion:


Adult, or minor who has their guardians approval


Have lived a predominately Jewish Lifestyle for a minimum of 1 year (preferably more


Come to the point where they fully identify as a Jew


Formal conversion training which must include: Jewish History, Jewish Thought, Jewish Lifestyle, Jewish Prayer, and Messianic Jewish understanding of G-D


For males - circumcision, or drawing of a drop of blood if previously circumcised


A formal review by a Beit Din (3 Rabbis and or Jews)


Formal Declaration to join B'nai Israel


Reciting the Shema & V'havta


Mikvah (Immersion)

The process takes between 6-12 months.  Several books must be read and understood including: To Be a Jew, To Pray as a Jew, Converting to Judaism, Jewish Literacy, and The Holocaust

At anytime the person may withdraw without any questions.  Persons unsure about their decision will be discouraged from converting.  The Beit Din may not approve a person desiring conversion if they deem the person is not ready, does not have a Jewish identification, or is insincere in their desire.