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Messianic Jewish Rabbinic Qualifications

The calling of a person to the Rabbinate is a serious and humbling experience.  No one should enter into this calling lightly, or for selfish gain.  Do to the preponderance and proliferation of many self proclaimed "rabbis," it is important that a firm definition and qualifications be established.

The Union of Conservative Messianic Jewish Synagogues does not agree with the popularly practiced procedure of a Christian Pastor becoming a Messianic Rabbi with no formal training or Jewish Heritage.  Would established mainline Churches would accept a Rabbi without any formal training on Christian Theology?  Not Likely!  Then why should Jewish Synagogues, Messianic, Reformed, Conservative, or Orthodox accept someone not properly trained.



Jewish by birth or conversion


Have lived a predominately Jewish Lifestyle for a minimum of 3 years (preferably more, this includes secular Jews who have been away from the community)


Full identification as a Jew


Formal Yeshiva Training which must include: Torah, Talmud, Shulkan Aruch, Jewish History, Jewish Thought, and Jewish Lifestyle


For UCMJS rabbis, formal acceptance of UCMJS Halacha